MLMs and online business

MLMs and Online Business with Emily Lynn Paulson

Have you ever thought that online business seems a lot like a MLM? Well, you’re not wrong, the crossover is very real, and it’s time we talk about it. 

In this episode, we’re sitting down with the author of the new book Hey, Hun – Emily Lynn Paulson.

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During this episode, we discuss:

  • The BITE model and how:
    • How MLMs use behavior control
    • How MLMs use information control 
    • How MLMs use thought control 
    • How MLMs use emotional control 
  • How love bombing is a feature of these cult-like groups. 
  • The constant pressure to do more, earn more, rank up, recruit more, chase the next prize in MLMs and why it’s so hard to opt out of it. 
  • Why the idea of an “average life isn’t good enough in MLMs and how this shows up in online business and life in general. 
  • How the FTC is taking more action and what we should expect, if anything. 
  • What Emily would you say to anyone thinking of joining an MLM.

Emily Lynn’s Bio:

Emily Lynn Paulson is the author of Hey, Hun: Sales, Sisterhood, Supremacy, and the Other Lies Behind Multilevel Marketing and Highlight Real: Finding Honesty and Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life. She has given two powerful TEDx talks, both challenging the status quo of parenting, alcohol use, and feminism as we know it. Paulson has also been featured in major publications such as the Today Show, New York Times, Washington Post, The Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, Next Question with Katie Couric, and the Tamron Hall Show. She resides in Central Oregon with her husband and their five children

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