Certifications: Credibility Booster or Money Making Scheme?


Everywhere you look people are selling certifications. There are certifications for life coaching, business coaching, marketing, messaging, oracle cards, and more. But are certifications the real deal that can help you build your business or just another money-making grift?  You’re about to find out on this episode of Duped.  Why Do People Enroll in Certification…

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The Hype About Hiring

hype about hiring

Hire before you’re ready. Your team is the key to scale. You’ve heard it all before when it comes to hiring and how it’s a magical solution to growing your business. It sounds good on the surface, but is hiring everything it’s cracked up to be? And should we really be following the guidance of…

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Predatory Pricing Practices in the Online Business Pyramid Scheme

predatory pricing

We’ve all heard it before when it comes to pricing….charge what you’re worth. Just raise your price. Play big. Pricing is one area of online business that’s full of bad business advice. In this episode, we’re diving into predatory pricing practices in online business, including answering the question….is this just one big pyramid scheme? Let’s…

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The Freedom Paradox

freedom paradox

The promise of freedom rings loudly in online business. Time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom – it seems like everyone promises that your business will set you free. But there’s a dark side to the promise of freedom where freedom comes at a high cost and that’s what we are diving into this episode of…

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The High Stakes of Speak-to-Sell

speak to sell

“Run to the back of the room. This offer is only good for today. You’ll never be able to get this price again. You deserve to invest in yourself.” Does any of that sound familiar? Phrases like that are a mainstay of speak-to-sell events. Where celebrity entrepreneurs use high pressure and cult-like tactics to get…

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Courses: Moneymaking Dream or Business Nightmare?

business nightmare

Create it once, set it on autopilot and make money while you sleep with a course. You’ll never have to trade dollars for hours again. These are just some of the many promises celebrity entrepreneurs make to get you to enroll in their course that teaches you to create a course.  But do courses live…

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The Predatory Culture of Plagiarized Content

plagiarized content

For many of us, running an online business means we’re constantly creating content. From blog posts to podcast episodes to Instagram content, to the actual frameworks and methods we use with our clients. Content is the foundation, the backbone of our businesses. It’s how to find clients, it’s how we made sales, and it’s how…

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The Very Tired Tropes of Online Business

online business

Have you ever noticed that many celebrity entrepreneurs are essentially promising the same thing through their coaching, courses and programs? Whether it’s a 7-figure lifestyle or the passive income dream, internet marketing tropes are running amok in the online world of business.  Here’s the deal: these cliches are making promises that most people will never…

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The Bro Marketing Binary

bro marketing problems

It’s easy to think “I’m not like them. I would never knowingly manipulate people into buying from me. I’m not like those Bros!” But what if it’s more complicated than that? It’s not a Bro Marketing Binary. What if Bro Marketing is the air we breathe online? You may not look like a Bro, but…

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